The highs were high, the lows were low. Alpine Glow in Lyell Canyon. Some of the more memorable travel conditions we saw.

Last minute preparations. East Side Sierra, Hwy 180.

(left) Starting conditions vs conditions seen at the pass (below).

(above) Early morning conditions. Great glide, low visibility.

(left) Break to fuel and re-assess our route.

(left) Drying out on warm slabs.

(below) Our dreams of a snowy traverse begin to dry up.

Trying out various modes of transportation. None of which felt very efficient.

Exhausted, but happy. 10+ hours on the go to only put in ~11mi. Frustrating at best, but the Sierra never fails to impress with beautiful campsite vistas.

(left and below) Skiing over Benson Pass through ‘good conditions.

(bottom) The end of the snow and what’s to come.

(above) Scenic, yes. Hell to come, for sure. Feeling mentally drained after 7+ hours on the go through challenging conditions. The worst is yet to come!

(above) Last look down the Grand Canyon of the Toulumne (above right) Miles in ski boots taking their toll. (right) Prime conditions through Toulumne Meadows. Cathedral Peak in the background.

(left) Ascending Donohue Pass. (right) De-skinning for the long descent to Island Pass. Ritter and Banner in the background.