Go by the way of the bird, keep moving south. A constant reminder of winter is ever present. Our mantra for the trip is knowing that at least we’re moving towards the warm desert.

(Below and Right) And so it begins, only 2,660mi to go. Oddly we wouldn’t be the last to sign the entry for the season. We past two more southbounders, Tortoise and Sea Turtle a few miles from the border who are flip flopping from Tahoe.

(Above) Winter appears to sets in early through the North Cascades. Snow levels were hovering around 5500ft for the first week.

(Above and Right) It takes all kinds to break trail when the snow gets deep. The snow has been great for telling who else has been out on the trail.

Problem and Solution. Wet feet can cause all types of foot problems.

(Below) Views of when the sun does come out. On a clear day you can see nearly every high landmark in southern Washington and Northern Oregon. Mt Adams, Rainier, and Mount St Helens along with Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson off in the distance. Views like these help to give perspective of where you’ve been through the fog and where you’re about to head.

(Below) The beauty within when the weather isn’t as good. Even with the rain jacket hood up and the head down, there is still plenty to look at and be appreciative of.