Current trip


Things have been quiet in the planning room for most of 2013 and early 2014. By the time I start my next project I will have been idle for almost 18 months! The longest I’ve sat still in over a Decade.

PCT Winter Traverse     Winter 2014/15
    Starting the last week of october, myself and Justin Lichter will make an attempt at a northbound traversing of the 2650mi Pacific Crest Trail during the winter months. to our knowledge this type of expedition has never been completed, let alone attempted. Sourcing reliable planning information has been sparse at best, which makes it all the more exciting. 
    This is a trip we have discussed at great length over the years and feel our skillset currently strikes a balance of challenge and competency. If all goes to plan, we are predicting being at the Canadian border by the beginning of April

    Our goals for this trip will be to expand upon our current skillset of long distance travel by incorporating elements of ski mountaineering and winter travel. With each trip we undertake we try to push our own perceived limits of what is possible. We hope to highlight the possibility of expanding what is perceived to be the ‘shoulder season’ of outdoor pursuits. 

    Updates for the expedition will be posted here every 2-3 weeks with more frequent posting occurring on our respective facebook pages. Please check in often on our progress and the inevitable story of suffering and success.