Current trip


Mid- StaTe Trail  (PA)    November 2012
            Bitten by the Speed bug from this summer Colorado Trail hike, I’m hoping to burn some post thanksgiving Tryptophan on the 324mi Mid-State trail here in pennsylvania. The MST will be a part of the emerging Great Eastern Trail which will parallel much of the  appalachian trail and run from alabama to Lake Champlain in New York. THe ‘GET’ will also incorporate the already established finger lakes trail and the tuscarora trail. to my knowledge There is currently not a speed record set for the Mid-state trail. I will be attempting to do it in under 7 days. 

Sierra Ski Tour    Apr/May 2013
            Fingers are crossed for a better snow pack this winter in the  Sierra than what last year was able to muster up. A tour across the sierra has been on my list for the past few winters and I’m committed to making it happen this winter. starting at lake Tahoe and heading towards Mt Whitney, we will loosely following the JMT/SHR corRidor.  This will be roughly around 400mi and we hope to average around 20-25mpd. The main objective will be to apply some fast and light techniques to the realm of ski-touring as well has experience the high sierra through the lens of winter.

Iceland    Aug/Sept 2013
            This will be my main project this summer. Following my summer work schedule, my tentative plan is to head to Iceland with my buddy Trauma, for a few weeks and take in the geothermal wonders the country has to offer. I am hoping to incorporate some glacier travel and packrafting across the country.  I’m super excited to finally check out this country first hand as it has been on my list for quite some time now.  We are still looking at various route options in order to maximize scenery and continuity. We will be there for 4-6 weeks and hope to cover around 600-800mi.

I Have some bigger trips planned for 2014, so the bulk of 2013 will be spent building upon some skills I will need for that endeavor. I’m hoping to focus my efforts on getting in the water for some packrafting as well as getting some ski-tour miles under my belt this winter. I’m also tossing some ideas around for some more unsupported speed hikes. Stay tuned!